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Good Health Begins In The Colon!

Green Organics Cleanse Extreme energizes and rejuvenates your body with Acai Berry while also detoxifying and cleansing wastes, pathogens and plaque in the gastrointestinal tract, colon, arteries, blood, etc.

The health of your bowel or colon is directly related to the the health of your whole body. Your bowel is the sewer of your body. It has to get rid of all the toxins, by products of metabolism, neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), and hormones, that are processed every day by your liver.

If the toxic sludge sits in your bowel it gets backed up and toxins and hormones get reabsorbed into your body. They get taken to your liver to be recycled all over again overloading it.

  • 1.
    Organic Acai Berry:

    Acai berries are loaded with antioxidants and have high levels of amino acids and are a good source of fiber. Adding acai berry to your colon cleanse helps to flush body toxins and acts as an effectual anti-oxidant as it contains omega fatty acids.

  • 2.
    Organic Cape Aloe Leaf:

    Cape aloe leaf is unique because it has the properties of fiber, and it stimulates cramping, without irritation and soothes and cleans like aloe vera. Cape aloe leaf has also been shown to cleanse and detoxify the digestive tract.

  • 3.
    Bentonite Clay:

    Bentonite has the ability to absorb toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other internal contaminants. Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays used to treat both internal and external maladies.

GO Cleanse Extreme is an easy way to free your body of all the excess waste material, accumulated toxins and parasites!